Curved and large staircases make stair building a team effort; it is one in which we take pride. Though we use many old and traditional woodworking techniques, we are innovative and versatile, and the most challenging projects are often our favorites. Our experience with many species of wood keeps us alert to the idiosyncrasies they may present - lumber availability, milling tendencies, and glue adhesion qualities - and we are happy to coordinate with metalsmiths, stone masons or glaziers on a project.

We install primarily in the counties of San Francisco, Marin, Napa and Sonoma where a wealth of outstanding architects and builders practice. George R. Magan Stair Builders is priveledged to produce a small but sometimes very important portion of their work. Our crew, including installers and millmen, typically numbers fewer than six. We are consequently two to four months out on most jobs and prefer a longer period for large jobs requiring submittals of custom products.